Welcome to Villa Starowiejska

Apartments and rooms for rent

In our Villa there are 2 single rooms, 4 double rooms, and 3 apartments. All interiors are in industrial style, old wood and brick, ceiling beams almost 100 years old are preserved in perfect condition and restored. All this gives an amazing atmosphere of the interior of Villa Starowiejska.

Villa Starowiejska is a place that was created thanks to perseverance, self-denial and hard work. After many problems and adversities connected with construction and opening, we are stronger and we will face everything that will happen to us. We would like our work to bring us satisfaction in the form of your satisfaction. Our goal is continuous development, work on each element, which is why your suggestions and criticism are important. We try to put our heart into our work and constantly strive for perfection.


Starowiejska 67                     
47-400 Racibórz


P.H.U. Luiza Karpińska
NIP: 6391801893
REGON: 511703011

Telefon: +48 511 703 011        

Phone: +48 511 703 011

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